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who are you ?

A still « young » french architect. I am in my early thirty and I have graduate since december 2007 from l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. Since, I have worked inside severals french firms and as an independent worker to increase a large range of skills and knowledge.

In October 2015, my first firm KANOP-ART Design opened. A new story is begining in interior design, , scenography, design and graphics art .

Because of my studies in architecture and my professional experience, I have a global analysis on space and his contraints. I wanted to start with an human scale and object to keep enjoying the precision and the niceties.

what’s your diploma’s title ?

« Paris 2017 : The Urban Canopy ». Like a futuristic novel, this was a futuristic diploma,fill by dreams …

which language do you speak ?

French by birth and English by heart.

What are your main skills ?

Regarding computer ? The obvious one Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Cinéma4D, Vectoworks, Word, Excel et Powerpoint.

In architecture’s field ? French safety and fire regulation for the « open to the public place » and habitations. But my main skill is my dexterity with research !

In management ? Managed a project in its entirety, as in phases as with all the representative in energy engineering consultant or project manager and project ownership. Managing a team is one of my skills as well.

what do you like ?

Discovering !!! Photography, literature, design and fashion. Above all traveling, the exploration on locations, cities, atmospheres and embrace other cultures. I am an endless daydreamer but i have my feet firmly on the ground, so I would say I like the idea of a dream,  awake or asleep. I also love science-fiction and the shaman’s culture. But my favorite above all : create without restrictions.

any sports ?

Mostly competition !! Swimming, skiing, tennis, athletics. I was raised in an « all or nothing » kind of family. It’s a very positive asset for me ! It means doing all you can when you have to and never give up until the end. This strictness served me well during some works.

What’s the last firms you worked for ?

From the youngest to the oldest:

1. Agence Platane & Ilic Associés, Paris X   (CDI – 3 years and 4 months)

« Competition : PPP High School Dora Maar in Saint-Denis / Saint-Ouen », project manager
              Phases : CONCOURS / APS / APD / PC / PRO / DCE / CONSTRUCTION SITE – date of
deliver 4/08/14

« Competition :  Gymnasium in Saint-Ouen », assistant architect, contest won
              Phases : FINAL COMPETITION– RENDU

« Competition Science pole in Créteil » , project manager
              PhaseS : COMPETITION – contest non won

2. Agence Chambre et Vibert, Chambéry (73), assistant architect

« Renovation des thermes d’Evian et de la halle Novarina-Prouvé

« Courchevel Resort Plazza »
Phase : PC

 3. Agence Berger et Anziutti, Paris, assistant architect

« Construction of « Carreau » des Halles, in Paris 1er » (MO : Ville de Paris)
-Phase : APD_PRO, assistant architect in interior plans and details book
-Search laboratory (conception test et model scale: 1/50)

What internships did you complete during your studies?

Agence Félice Fanuele Architecture, Paris XI
COMPETITION : Museum of sciences in Spain

Agence Chambre et Vibert, New-Caledonia
Follow in the construction site of the aquarium in Noumea.

Léon Grosse (BTP), Paris
Social housing Construction site rue de Tanger, Paris, XVIIIème

Atelier Pierre Bonnefille, (artist, painter, designer), Paris XI
Colors study

any personals projects you want to talk about ?

I work on several and vary projects. it’s gonna be easier to list them all.

– Restructuration and interior design for « Les Apothicaires – 69006 LYON » for Tabata et Ludo
– 1 flat’s restructuring in val d’Isère 73150
– 2 flats’ restructuring in Val d’Isère 73150

– Design and draft of a desk/bookcase for a bedroom child.
– Scenography design for an exhibition in the futuroscope in Poitier in collaboration with byVolta agency.

– Flat’s restructuring in paris XIV

– Birth announcement
– Web site for a parisian dentist, Paris XVII
– Plans of a shop rue Saint André des Arts, Paris VI
– Design, plans and construction of a lean-to in a farm in « la Nièvre »
– Weeding announcement for a Toscana weeding.

– Organisation of a public event for the 25 birth of the « Banque Alimentaire » on « le Pont des Arts »,  artists contacts, communication event and scenography. (26 Septembre 2009 )
– Party scenographyon the « Andy Warhol » theme in the « Cercle Militaire », Paris VIII, set and invitation card.
– Family’s party scenography in « Bourgogne » : set, design and style for olive oil’s label and program.
– Feasibility study for a farm at the Castle Saint-Pierre du Mont, Bourgogne
– Administrative feasibility study on a plot in Boulogne Billancourt

– 2 studio’s restructuration in Paris XVIIeme et XIVeme
– Environnement project in Bourgogne

– Exhibition « Le Banquet», Paris, assistant teacher during the year and scenography of the exhibition at l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture. Fine arts fields.
– Diploma with mention, « Paris 2017 : The Urban Canopy », access to the reward for the best diploma of the year 2007.

– Participation at the « A3 Art » exhibition, place St Sulpice. Exhibition of « Random Story », study projet in collaboration with 3 other students.
– 2 position in the  » Workshop Varini »

– Selected in the 10 finalists for the « Workshop Peter Cook »
– Selected in the 5 finalists by the city hall of Santeny. »A sportif city for Santeny »



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